Considerations to Make Before Purchasing Sub-Ohming Tanks

Sub-ohming tanks are the latest items in the vapor market today. Smok, Joyetech, Kanger and Aspire are among the companies that recently introduced their newest models of such tank.

Aspire has Atlantis. Kanger has Subtank, Joyetech has Delta II and Smoke has Vapor Chaser. If you have been following the trends in the vapor market and is an enthusiast of anything new in a market, these sub-ohming tanks will definitely tickle your fancy. All of these new items offer flavor clarity, amazing vapor production and an overall satisfying experience that used to be enjoyed only by the coil builders in not so recent time.

In essence, these new tanks offer lower resistances and better airflow without requiring you to learn how to build coil. This will also give you another reason to be interested in getting your own sub-ohm tank. Yet, before getting your credit card or wallet prepped for the purchase, here are some considerations you should make.

Greater Ejuice Consumption

Sub-ohm tanks may offer simplicity and convenience for getting rich flavors and amazing vapor plumes. Yet, this convenience comes with more ejuice expenses. Compared to a traditional clearomizer, these tanks use more eliquids. They go through eliquids a lot quicker than usual clearomizers. This is because they are designed that way.

Huge and voluminous clouds are certainly produced by these tanks, but they do not accomplish this through some unknown magic or advanced technology. These tanks make more vapors by vaporizing more eliquids within a short period of time. Thus, these tanks need to be refilled more often. Therefore alos, you need to make some adjustments to your budget on ejuice if you have been vaping with a regular clearomizer that vaporize only a typical amount of eliquid.

Greater Battery Charge Consumption

Apart from using up more eliquids than usual, sub-ohming tanks also use up battery powers a lot quicker.

This is because sub-ohm tanks use coils with lower resistances. Sub-ohmers vape with less than 1 ohm in their coils. Coils allow the tanks to perform fantastically in producing immense amount of vapor. Yet, law of electronics, Ohm’s Law, dictates that as the resistance is lowered, the more power will be consumed. For the sub-ohm coil to heat up faster and make more vapors, they will need more power to function accordingly. This means that your battery will be drained of its power a lot faster than usual.

You will need, therefore, to prepare yourself for frequent recharging or acquire the habit of carrying spare fully charged batteries wherever you go.

Need For New Device

If you prefer vaping at 3.8 volts, you would need a 1.8 ohms coil. The user should use a battery that is capable of delivering 8 watts of power. Variable wattage devices these days are capable of such power requirement.

Yet, the same 3.8 volts on a 0.5 ohm coil will need a device that could provide 28.8 watts of power. Many devices have minimum resistance requirement of 1 ohm to give protection to the batteries. These tanks with lower than 1 ohm resistance will therefore not work even with some of the highly popular devices like iStick and iTaste MVP2. This could mean that also mean that along with your purchase of a new sub-ohm tank, you might also need to purchase a new device capable of running lower than 1 ohm coils.

Varied Price and Features

These sub-ohm tanks are not made the same. They differ in features and also in price. Although all of the new tanks offer sub-ohm vaping functions, they come from different manufacturing companies. Each company would certainly try to make its product different from other similar products.

These are features you also need to consider before making the purchase. Choose a product with features that match your needs, but whose price will also suit your budget.

Stimulant-Infused Ecigarettes: Yes Or No?

Stimulant-Infused Ecigarettes are among the new trends in today’s vapor market. Eliquids are added with caffeine or vitamins and other ingredients to make them extra special. The concept is quite ingenious, but some vapers wonder if this is really necessary.

What Is A Stimulant?

Wikipedia define stimulant as psychoactive drug that can induce temporary physical and/or mental improvements. It is often referred to as upper due to the up feeling a user feels when using the drug. The complete opposite of stimulants is depressants. Examples of stimulants are caffeine and nicotine.

Nicotine is both a stimulant and a depressant to one’s central nervous system. It could first induce the release of epinephrine hormone and then further stimulate the nervous system. It is responsible for the kick and the feeling of pleasure that users often develop an addiction to it.

Release of beta-endorphin is also promoted by nicotine. It is a chemical that inhibits pain. Stimulation is later replaced with fatigue and drop in the mood. Thus, the user will seek more nicotine. This high and low cycle is likewise similar to the effect of consuming caffeine and sugar and most other stimulants.

In essence, nicotine-laced eliquids are already stimulating to the user so stimulant-infused ecigarettes could only be redundant.

No to Stimulants In Ecigs

A moderator at E-Cigarette Forum posted a response on the issue. The posted response stated that ECF deters adding supplements (regardless if pharmaceutical, herbal or vitamin) to ejuices. The comment also stated that some smart individuals have already done science and they have proven that this is nonsense.

It is best to vape nicotine in eliquid. Vitamins, supplements, caffeine and other herbal remedies are to be taken the way they should be taken.

Caffeine in Ecigs

Another ECF post said that a dose of about 40 mg is necessary to start feeling the effects of caffeine. It could be more depending on one’s tolerance to caffeine. A cup of coffee typically contains 120 mg of caffeine so a caffeine pill equivalent to about 2 cups of coffee has 240 mg of the stimulant.

Assuming that ecigs can deliver caffeine in a way similar to nicotine’ or that the bodies absorb and use caffeine the same way as nicotine, the ecig could deliver the amount of caffeine necessary for one to feel the effect.

If the same delivery and absorption apply to both caffeine and nicotine, many users would already be dead from nicotine poisoning. The active dose of nicotine is in micrograms. This is the measure of the amount that the body absorbs and uses and not the amount present in the medium.

A combustible cigarette or analog can deliver up to 1.5 mg nicotine to the smoker’s body. Thus, analogs can deliver nicotine to the body better than a personal vaporizer or electronic cigarette. Actual nicotine delivery through a PV or ecigarette is quite low even with ejuices with higher mg of nicotine.

The same can be said of caffeine. A 1-3 mg caffeine dose is not going to produce an energizing effect. Caffeine-infused eliquids are just hype for some as they contain very little amount of caffeine that can produce only minimal effect. Moreover, it is also not too reasonable to believe or to claim that nicotine can help the body in breaking down caffeine.

Another concern with infused ecigarettes is the addition of vitamins in eliquids. There are vitamins that are water soluble and there are also those that are fat soluble. Some are skeptical if vitamins can actually be inhaled or not.

Considering that eliquids and electronic cigarettes are already involved in a lot of controversies, many believe that this hype is not a sensible or a helpful idea for the vaping community/industry.

US-made AR Mod from TAC Mods

The AR mod is a proudly American made ecigarette mod from Tac Mods. It is available for around $180. This mechanical mod is, in fact the latest and highly innovative mod from Tac.

It has a patent pending design of an octagonal-shaped button. Its design is very unique because it was made to replicate the barrel of a traditional AR-15 rifle. It is a design that is not just aesthetically cool, but also functional.

There are air holes in its 18650 body. These air holes help dissipate the heat from the mod’s interior.

AR Mod Features

Its body is constructed out of smooth steel and can accept 18650 batteries. There are rails on the body that were intended to make the mod look like a rifle barrel. The rails are smoothed so the user can hold and use it comfortably.

Its patent pending design likewise prevents the hand from sliding down the tube. This way, you could grip it very well in your hands and press the octagonal base button with ease. This mod has contact pins all made of copper for best conductivity. From voltage drop tests, AR device has been observed with 0.03-0.05 volt voltage drop.

It also features knurled top and bottom caps to make the mod looking quite rough and rugged. On the top cap comes a small chamfer that gives it a flush appearance when used with 22 mm dripping atomizer. There are 2 adjustable pins that will fit each button and flat top batteries.

AR is also powder coated black to render it with a military look and to also provide protection for the mod. Each mod has been carefully tested to guarantee it is operational. Each AR has a serial number on the rail and comes with a custom dog tag that also has a serial number that matches the number on the mod.

Without a battery, the mod weighs 186 grams and stands 3.37 inches tall. The total length is 4.2inches with the top and bottom caps. It has a width of one inch.

Vaper Review

The unique design and appearance of this mod is enough to make you want to invest your money on it.

It has 6 vent holes on every side so battery venting is really prevented. Apart from helping with venting, these holes likewise add to the aesthetic quality of the device. Opening it up, you can already see that it has a solid stainless steel construction.

This USA-made device definitely feels sturdy when held in your hands. Yet, it is still small enough to be carried and used conveniently every day. AR is now available in copper contacts, but there has been news that the mod will be released in silver contacts.

The solidity of the device also extends to the button. It will not loosen or spin unnecessarily since it is locked into the octagonal slot that holds it in place. The button is also recessed so that the mod can stand up when placed on a table without worrying that it will misfire. This helps in preventing unnecessary firing of the battery when it is not in use.

The top cap also measures 22 mm so that it will look good with most of the atomizers available in the market that you want to use. While you can enjoy versatility in terms of atomizers, one drawback of this mod is that it can be used only with 18650 batteries. If you are looking for a smaller device for smaller batteries like 18350, you need to look for a different device. Yet, with 18650 batteries, you can get a very mod with decent voltage drop.

Luscious Eliquid Flavors From Volcano Ecigs

Volcano Ecigs is the home of Magma, Inferno and Lavatube ecigs that are all amazing vaping devices. Other brands claim their kits offer everything that a vaper would need to start vaping, but their packages simply contain the hardware. Volcano lives up to this promise because each of its kit comes with your chosen eliquid flavor and strength. Just like what Vapor HQ does. Volcano is similar since Vapor HQ offers kits including the Evod Beginner Kit that comes with any chosen bottle of eliquid.

When it comes to vape juice options, Volcano Ecigs also has a lot of choices of luscious eliquid flavors to offer. Here are some of them.

Aloha Apple

Every draw is like a fruity and crisp bite of mouthwatering green apple that will produce such light and smooth finish.

Apple Pie

It is full. It is sweet and it is well-rounded that your mouth will definitely enjoy the smoothly delivered flavor and vapor. Appetizingly spiced apples freshly baked in buttery crust with mild cinnamon are the flavors you will get as you exhale.

Blueberry Breeze

It begins with a sharp and dry puff that will leave a sweet flavor in your mouth. This medium-bodied berry vape juice will linger inside your mouth to offer a breezy feeling. This flavor is recommended to be paired with Menthol or menthol Burst or Shaka Strawberry or Bonzai Banana.

Bluewater Punch

This best-selling medium bodied signature blend from Volcano tastes of bright citrus that will also refresh the mouth. It is a fruity bouquet of watermelon, blueberry and fruit punch.

Bonzai Banana

It is well-known for its long lasting dense taste of ripe banana that delivers a bold, yet smooth finish. It is a full bodied vape that ends with creamy goodness. It is great to pair with Vanilla Bean, Jungle Fruit, Shaka Strawberry and Milk Chocolate.

Cherry Lava

The sharp tart taste of this juice quickly build up to deliver sugary supple cherry and plum for medium bodied vaping. It ends with the cherry explosion that lingers inside the mouth. This is great to vape with other eliquid flavors such as menthol Burst, Pele’s Papaya Pineapple Punch and Surfer Soda.

Choconilla Haze

It is a medium bodied flavor that delivers a mellow taste. It is a delicate mix of vanilla bean, hazelnut and milk chocolate.

CooCoo Coconut

Vaping with this ejuice allows you to imagine sailing to a private island with its satisfyingly supple full-bodied coconut. The tropical flavor of this ejuice is smooth, sweet and luscious throughout.

Cotton Candy

Ecig detractors could complain all they like, but adult vapers also have their sweet cravings to satisfy with flavors such as cotton candy. Volcano’s is notably sweet and light bodied with hints of caramelized sugar to mimic the satisfaction from this carnival candy. It is even better when paired ith Waikiki Watermelon or Aloha Apple.

Grape Escape

This sweet grape recreation is medium bodied that will make your mouth water with deep grape peak and mildly sour aftertaste.

Halawa Guava

Inhale the refreshing ripeness of tropical fruit that deliver medium bodied satisfaction from guava undertones.

Hawaiian Espresso

This is inspired by the very own coffee served in the Waikiki-based café of Volcano Ecigs. It is aromatically sweet as well as spicy.

Kawika’s Kiwi

It is light bodied, sweet and simple with the perfectly ripe Kiwi fruit flavor that is perfect to pair with Pipeline Peach and Lahaina Lychee.

Kona Coffee

It is another coffee vape option, but this time it offers a classic smooth goodness from a great cappuccino. It is great to vape with Tobacco Pure and Salted Caramel.

Lahaina Lychee

This mellow fruit eliquid is light bodied with mild and sweet undertones from beginning to end.


It is another medium bodied top seller that delivers crisp and clean pear flavor you will better enjoy with other flavors like Mauna Dew, Grape Escape and Jungle Fruit.

Philip Morris International Now Accepting Ecigarette Opportunity

Philip Morris International, during the early part of 2013 is rather uncertain regarding its stance on the electronic market, unlike other Big Tobacco players like Altria, Reynolds American and Lorillard that have all started to embark in the growing category. However, as 2013 came to an end, it also announced that this year of 2014 will be the beginning of its ecigarette undertaking.

Sales of traditional cigarettes are declining and every tobacco company will admit this. Each of them also knows that the ecigarette market is promising lots of opportunities. According to Philip Morris International, ecigarette sales have grown by 25% in its six major markets in the previous 2 years.

Thus, it has decided to finally make an entry, although quit late, in the category using its vaping technology that offers delivery of better taste on the late part of 2014.

Awakened Philip Morris International

The third quarter results of PMI might have caused it to awaken and bolt. Its volume of cigarette shipment fell at 5.7% to about 223.1 billion units because of the sluggish movement of the tobacco industry.

Although its revenue increased, this boost is only a minuscule 0.1% or $7.9 billion. Despite this, its adjusted earnings also managed to swell by 4.3% to $1.44/share against the previous year period.

It was quite opposed to ecigs earlier in 2013, but it seemed to have a change of mind about the smoking alternatives. It now looks at picking up space in launching reduced-risk products.

It has plans of developing a product with controlled heating operation to warm the tobacco in cigarettes instead of burning it. This said product is planned to be introduced in 2015, ahead of the original plan in 2016-2017.

This year of 2014 will be its investment year. Volumes are not seen by PMI to increase or recover until 2015. In fact, it sees volumes to decline by 2-3%.

PMI has purchased 20% interest on Grupo Carso, its Mexican tobacco business for $703 million last September. St the same time, it also signed the agreement of taking 49% stake from United Arab Emirates company, the Arab Investors-TA.

Cross-Licensing Agreement

This Cross-Licensing Agreement happened between PMI and Altria. Altria was the last among the three tobacco giants in the US to have ventured on electronic cigarettes.

Under the agreement, Altria is said to provide exclusive license to PMI in internationally commercializing its electronic cigarette products.

PMI, alternatively, will provide Altria with exclusive right to also commercialize two reduced risk products in the USA.

Both companies have agreed on working with each other on a regulatory agreement involving the heated tobacco products together with the FDA and involving electronic vapor products with the international regulation authorities.

Altria, apparently, will not have any material gain from this deal until the FDA has allowed the commercialization of reduced risk products. Nevertheless, Altria is provided with the opportunity to additionally diversify its already affluent product portfolio that includes smokeless tobacco products as well as wine. Its earnings growth potential from the falling consumption of conventional cigarettes will be better insulated.

Alternatively, PMI will have a developed electronic cigarette that it can already sell in the international markets. Such will aid in offsetting the decline of its traditional cigarettes sales due to the increasing number of smokers transitioning to the healthier electronic alternatives.

Chief Executive Officer of PMI Andre Calantzopoulos remarked that this will also provide PMI with the platform in accelerating entry in the international market of electronic cigarettes all the while continuing its development of the product’s future versions.

This agreement is, therefore, a win for both companies involved. Both companies are provided by this deal with improved prospects on long term growths. Both can also benefits from the sharing of future improvements on the existing generation of electronic cigarette products.

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