Philip Morris International Now Accepting Ecigarette Opportunity

Philip Morris International, during the early part of 2013 is rather uncertain regarding its stance on the electronic market, unlike other Big Tobacco players like Altria, Reynolds American and Lorillard that have all started to embark in the growing category. However, as 2013 came to an end, it also announced that this year of 2014 will be the beginning of its ecigarette undertaking.

Sales of traditional cigarettes are declining and every tobacco company will admit this. Each of them also knows that the ecigarette market is promising lots of opportunities. According to Philip Morris International, ecigarette sales have grown by 25% in its six major markets in the previous 2 years.

Thus, it has decided to finally make an entry, although quit late, in the category using its vaping technology that offers delivery of better taste on the late part of 2014.

Awakened Philip Morris International

The third quarter results of PMI might have caused it to awaken and bolt. Its volume of cigarette shipment fell at 5.7% to about 223.1 billion units because of the sluggish movement of the tobacco industry.

Although its revenue increased, this boost is only a minuscule 0.1% or $7.9 billion. Despite this, its adjusted earnings also managed to swell by 4.3% to $1.44/share against the previous year period.

It was quite opposed to ecigs earlier in 2013, but it seemed to have a change of mind about the smoking alternatives. It now looks at picking up space in launching reduced-risk products.

It has plans of developing a product with controlled heating operation to warm the tobacco in cigarettes instead of burning it. This said product is planned to be introduced in 2015, ahead of the original plan in 2016-2017.

This year of 2014 will be its investment year. Volumes are not seen by PMI to increase or recover until 2015. In fact, it sees volumes to decline by 2-3%.

PMI has purchased 20% interest on Grupo Carso, its Mexican tobacco business for $703 million last September. St the same time, it also signed the agreement of taking 49% stake from United Arab Emirates company, the Arab Investors-TA.

Cross-Licensing Agreement

This Cross-Licensing Agreement happened between PMI and Altria. Altria was the last among the three tobacco giants in the US to have ventured on electronic cigarettes.

Under the agreement, Altria is said to provide exclusive license to PMI in internationally commercializing its electronic cigarette products.

PMI, alternatively, will provide Altria with exclusive right to also commercialize two reduced risk products in the USA.

Both companies have agreed on working with each other on a regulatory agreement involving the heated tobacco products together with the FDA and involving electronic vapor products with the international regulation authorities.

Altria, apparently, will not have any material gain from this deal until the FDA has allowed the commercialization of reduced risk products. Nevertheless, Altria is provided with the opportunity to additionally diversify its already affluent product portfolio that includes smokeless tobacco products as well as wine. Its earnings growth potential from the falling consumption of conventional cigarettes will be better insulated.

Alternatively, PMI will have a developed electronic cigarette that it can already sell in the international markets. Such will aid in offsetting the decline of its traditional cigarettes sales due to the increasing number of smokers transitioning to the healthier electronic alternatives.

Chief Executive Officer of PMI Andre Calantzopoulos remarked that this will also provide PMI with the platform in accelerating entry in the international market of electronic cigarettes all the while continuing its development of the product’s future versions.

This agreement is, therefore, a win for both companies involved. Both companies are provided by this deal with improved prospects on long term growths. Both can also benefits from the sharing of future improvements on the existing generation of electronic cigarette products.

Which Is Far Better: V2 Electric Cigs Or Blu E-Cigs?

Blu E Cigarettes As Opposed To V2 Electric Cigs I remarkably suggest testing mini electronic cigarettes for people that are new to these products. The minis seem exactly the same as traditional cigarettes with its dimensions, shape and glowing point. Blu Cigs and also V2 Cigs are namely the most popular manufacturers in electronic cigarettes right now. Why don’t we take a close look at each one of their capabilities to determine which one is better.

Battery power Capacity

Blu E Cigarettes only makes programmed batteries while V2 E Cigs offers its buyers a choice among automatic and manual. These automatic e-cigs will just let folks puff and go. Manual power packs require you to push a tiny button as you take a breath to activate the vapor. It may not be a fluid movement but pressing the button actually offers you a more consistent watery vapor on each draw. These types of battery power from Blu E Cigs right this moment are the Premium, Premium 100 and Original. Original and Premium Blu power packs can produce close to 80 to 100 puffs for each charge. Although the Premium 100 batteries are designed for lasting longer, V2 Electric Cigs electric batteries continues to be better when compared with them.

The light tobacco users could finish a battery from Blu E Cigs within four hours, while heavy smokers could drain this in 2. There had been users from Blu E Cigs in the past who complained of short battery life and waiting one full hour simply for their batteries to replenish. V2 battery packs come in three measurements: short (160+ puffs), standard (200+ puffs), and long (300+ puffs). V2 Electric Cigs battery packs are known to take around 5 hours before running dry for weighty smoking while occasional smoking can last up to a few days. There was users which had taken them 2-3 cartridges before their battery packs went dried up. The battery packs from V2 will take 1-2 hours to charge completely.

The tubes of Blu Ecigs have e-liquid filled up and created by Johnson Creek. The juices appear in various flavors for those to select from. Additionally, there are various nicotine strength ranges that people can choose here. There is a same amount of nicotine from the Original and Premium cartridges as that of a pack of cigarettes as the Premium 100 is equal to that of one and a half.

The cartomizers coming from V2 E Cigs last around 150-200 puffs which is equal to that of 20-30 cigarette sticks. The corporation is also in charge of selling their e-liquid solutions which is less costly than others. Simply because V2 Ecigs takes your safety seriously, the company tests every batch of e-liquid and puts out the results on the internet. The formula of their product can also be downloaded straight from the website.

Newbie Kits together with Throw Aways

The two V2 Electronic Cigs and also Blu Ecigarettes provides customers with disposable goods. Throw-away electronic cigarettes from Blu Electronic Cigarettes last approximately 400 puffs while those from V2 can make close to 450.

The ones that would like to change to electronic cigarettes at this time would do well by getting a kit with all of the standard essentials. You’ll find six types of newbie kits from V2 Electric Cigs right now which are made especially for a different style and budget.

Blu Ecigs, conversely, only provides one kind of starter kit for their battery pack versions. Just about all Blu E Cigarettes kits are transported with a Blu Pack – Blu Ecigs’ revolutionary mobile wall charger. The pack from Blu Ecigarettes is a lot like that of a flip top box that could store all of its cartridges and batteries and can be applied to the go. A 30 day cash back guarantee is included for all of the basic kits provided by these brands. The warrantee from V2 Electronic Cigarettes may last for a lifetime while Blu E-Cigarettes provides only a year in its warranty.


The price in maintaining a pack for V2 Electric Cigarettes might be around $1.49 while vapers for Blu E Cigarettes will surely cost $1.92. Even though the difference is not that big for a few, cartridge refilling is going to help folks save much more if they go with V2 E-Cigs in the long term. At a cost of $29.95, people could get a 50ml bottle of e-liquid from V2 Ecigs which is equal to that of 50 packs of conventional cigarettes!

People are able to acquire the most economical starter kit from V2 E Cigs for just $24.95. If you are looking for fresh new critical information on V2 Cigs coupon codes, then you’ve got to look over V2 Cig coupon. The least expensive that Blu Cigs offers for their basic starter kit reaches $69.95. Make sure you look into Blu Cig coupon codes to help acquire more data.

Bottom Line

A unique choice for new smokers will be Blu E Cigarettes. The explanation for this is because they look and function just like a real cigarette without nothing new to learn about except for the basic principles. Even their own pack functions just like a flip top box as they are able easily be put in the pocket of the consumer. The Blu Electronic Cigarettes flavors from Johnson Creek are top-notch, unfortunately all that goodness is delivered by an inferior ecig battery power.

V2 Ecigs supplies the best quality-to-price ratio so you acquire more value for your buck. With many battery options to pick from, flavors as well as affordable prices, V2 E Cigarettes makes for the best choice today.

The Top Electronic Cigarettes Brands Today

Nowadays, one can find a lot of electronic cigarette brands out in the market in various countries nowadays around the globe. In order to acquire the best encounter, one must have full information about a product first. Below is a list of the most notable electronic cigarette brands that are available for purchase:

Vapor Couture

The e-cigarettes supplied by Vapor Couture offers style to its customers these days. Girls were the main target in this e-cigarette and it is going to make them appear like movie stars at the same time. These electronic cigarettes are going to have rechargeable batteries with a jewel tip that appears like it has just already been released coming from fashion week. The technology from V2 Cigs is being employed by Vapor Couture today and so is there discount policies like the V2 cigs coupon code. As well as its hot finishes and hues, its cartridges will also be color synchronized in order to match the batteries to be used.

Green Smoke

Nowadays, the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarettes is known as one of the best brands in the market most especially in the USA. The business has emerged from the scene featuring a unique two piece design which in turn changed the face of technologies for e-cigarettes back in 2008. The straightforward model on the e cigarette does not need any maintenance while letting the tobacco user enjoy huge quantities of vapor in its small e liquid cartomizers. Customers with the manufacturer are happy to learn that they allow the use of a green smoke coupon on all orders + one year guarantees on all of their goods including free shipping.

South Beach Smoke

The company has been all around for quite some time now and it is still standing solid in comparison to the newly emerging e-cigarette outfits nowadays.The company continues to stick with this standing as it continually provides its clients with more desirable deals. South Beach Smoke takes advantage of various starter kits on the market. The deluxe kit for instance would offer its customers with a standard SuperMax battery, a membership card, a wall charger, 5 large atomizers/cartridges as well as a wall charger.


This is one of the recent brands which have hit the e cigarette markets nowadays and so far has obtained great feedback from clients. The two pieces that is identified with the e cigarette from EverSmoke glows with the orange tip when used and looks very true from afar. The designers of EverSmoke has stated that the battery packs from their e-cigarettes can last up to 470 puffs when employed. This holds to show how the e-cigarette is going to last longer when compared to the other brands nowadays.

Blue Cigs

People who are in search for electronic cigarettes that are not too pricey can go for Blu Cigs as a good selection. At a practical purchase of $69.95, people can get their whole basic starter kit along with every little thing they require. A whole lot of talk envelopes and their latest relationship with Johnson Creek Smoke Juice. These two companies are working in tandem to allow them to provide the e-cigarette that smokers desire that features a unique nicotine tasting liquid.